Greens Timber Garages

A more attractive choice


Our timber garages are craftsman built using the natural beauty of wood to blend into any surroundings. Your garage can be built to incorporate a selection of styles of doors, windows, roof constructions and colour finishes to suit your property.


Drier and warmer

Timber is by nature drier and warmer than the concrete alternative. The timber will tend to soak up any excess moisture in the air, providing a drier atmosphere.



A timber garage from Greens of Mepal will provide a versatile building for your car or other uses such as a workshop, games room, storage building etc. It can easily be dismantled and re-erected and shelves or lining can easily be added. Most sizes and specifications of building can be manufactured to your requirements.


Long lasting

Our garages are designed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Simply treat the timber every two - three years with Sadolin or similar wood finish.


Why choose Greens of Mepal ?

Greens of Mepal is a family business established in 1958 which has built up a reputation for quality and service. All enquiries will receive prompt attention and you will be informed of the exact day and approximate time of delivery before we arrive. Our garages are individually built to order and we only use the materials we consider suitable for a quality building designed to give years of service.


Made with quality Scandinavian red with sturdy timber framework. Wall/eaves height 6ft 8in. (2.03m). Fully treated inside and out with light brown solvent based wood preservative. Optional Sadolin wood finish available. All fixings and exterior fittings are galvanized or zinc coated to resist rusting. Nails are triple coated. Options: windows, extra height (7ft or 8ft to eaves), up and over door, personnel door. Standard roof is corrugated cement fibre with roof lights or heavy duty felt. Felt shingles are an optional extra.


Craftsman Garage in a 10ft wide x 18ft long size with Sadolin finish and standard timber double doors and cement fibre roof.

Craftsman double garage with Georgian style up and over doors.





As a general rule it is not necessary to apply for planning permission if the proposed garage does not project beyond any wall of the house which faces a road and is no more than 2.5m high at the eaves and 4.0m at the ridge. If the garage is within 2m of you boundary it must be a maximum of 2.5m tall at the ridge. We can manufacture your garage to this height if required.

Planning permission will always be required if you live in a conservation area.

This information is only a general guide and you should check with your local authority planning department for further advice. If permission is required we will supply drawings of the garage free of charge.


Click here for further information on planning permission



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